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Kelly Bossons film on The One Show

Posted 07th February 2023

Some stories have to be told, and tonight’s film on The One Show on BBC1 at 7pm is one of those.

We worked with Kelly Bossons for 2 years, following her battle to get her late partner, footballer Jordan Sinnott, onto their daughter’s birth certificate. Jordan was killed while Kelly was pregnant. Because they weren’t married or in a civil partnership, the space for ‘father’ on the certificate was left blank. Kelly wanted Jordan’s part in daugher Maisie to be recorded. But it’s taken two years of battling authority and going to court. Imagine doing that while you’re grieving and trying to pull your life together.

Kelly’s not alone. WAY Widowed and Young campaigns for people in similar situations. 51% of babies are now born to unmaried parents, so it’s going to happen more.

Special mention to Ruth Bader for sticking with this.

Ever positive, Kelly and her family have set up a , to make sure something positive comes from all this. 

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